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In a world racing to find shortcuts to invent the next best thing, we pause and celebrate the creativity & heritage of traditionally trained artisans in order to bring meaning, connection, & uniqueness to our daily lives. 


what does it mean to build with soul?

Painting Wall


Authentic Artistry

We celebrate master artisans using traditional techniques to create unique pieces for the modern home.


Curated with Purpose

We make browsing easy. We only feature exquisite products that are expertly crafted using the time-honored traditions we’re helping preserve.


Joy of Discovery

We bring artisans’ stories & methods to life to educate people about the beauty & heritage of other cultures. 


Reliably Responsible

We partner with artisans to offer the products our consumers want, and consumers are guaranteed a seamless, consistent experience.

a bit about us


Arnav, Shivani, & Jordan

started their journey together with building a health & wellness company, Cubii. By making exercise accessible to those who need it most, Cubii grew to become Inc 500's Fastest Growing Company in the USA for two consecutive years. 

Having lived in more than 10 cities & 6 countries, they realize there is  more that unites us than divides us in the world.

Built With Soul champions their mission of creating connections across cultures, while celebrating & preserving the cultural heritage. 


They're strong believers of building a company with intention, empathy, & the value system of doing good while doing well.

A man carving wood

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